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Judy Andrews

Judy took a few pottery classes in High School, and then, over 30 years later, bought a house just a few blocks away from the Archie Bray Foundation for The Ceramic Arts in Helena.  That's when she got immersed in ceramics, taking community classes in the evenings, and volunteering for every event that the Bray hosted. Judy retired from Fedex in 2016, moved to Butte and started volunteering/teaching pottery at Butte High Adult Ed three nights a week.

     In 2017, Judy and her husband, Ben, built a pottery studio attached to their garage. She continued her self-education by watching YouTube channels and doing her own research. She makes all of her glazes from scratch. 

     Judy loves making ware to adorn the home. She is currently teaching classes and workshops at the Hungry Hill Center for Art, Education, and Outreach in Butte and continues to work daily in her studio.  You can see more of her work on instagram and facebook.

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