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David Johnson

     David hitch-hiked from Michigan to Missoula in 1976 and never looked back. He met his wife, Linda, in Missoula and soon after became a high school English and Art teacher in Wibaux, Montana. He and his wife have lived in Montana for 45 years. 

     David received his formal art training at North Park University in Chicago. He made many visits to the Chicago Art Museum and was impressed by both the old masters and contemporary artists, including Claes Oldenburg, a Swedish-American sculptor. After college, teaching and raising a family occupied the majority of his time and it wasn't until he retired from the Butte School District that he started experimenting in the different mediums of sculpture, acrylics and oils. 

     David's subject matter is drawn from his experiences in the outdoors (fishing, biking, hiking, boating and mountaineering), and his works are usually accompanied by an original poem. "Hey, I was an English teacher!", says David, about his longtime love of poetry and words.  You can see more of David's work on his website.


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