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Christine Martin

     Christine studied Fine Art and Art History at Ohio State University and Printmaking at the University of Montana. She is a longtime teaching artist of printmaking, life drawing and studio arts. She currently lives in Butte, Montana, where she is the curator of the Clark Chateau Museum and the printmaking steward for the Imagine Butte Resource Center.

     Christine has been organizing the Uptown Butte Artwalk since 2021. She also works closely with the Root & The Bloom Collective non-profit to expand arts and cultural programming to youth and adults in Butte. Christine serves on the Board of Directors for the Phoenix Arts Alliance, which oversees the Imagine Butte Resource Center and the current construction of the Phoenix Fabrication Studios. In her work, Christine explores the consequences of unfettered industry through printmaking and painting by using surrealism to talk about the breakdown of local ecosystems. You can see more of Christine's work on her website and on Instagram.

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